Horse Racing Tips

Betting on the races is a time-honoured activity that is loved all over the world, including in the exciting mobile betting sites in South Africa. Deciding on who to back and how to bet is just as important as watching to see where your horse comes in, and is just as much of an experience. Besides checking all of the data that you can, getting reliable horse racing tips can be a really valuable part of this process. These are easily found in the many online chat rooms and forums that South Africans can access today, but they need to be trustworthy and applied with caution. To begin learning how to do this, read our guidelines here.

Understand your Horse Racing Bets in SA

This may sound quite obvious, but you need to be sure you understand the bets available to you do that you can use them properly and combine them with any horse racing tips you get to make shrewd decisions.

Firstly, in straightforward Win and Place bets you need to predict which horse will come first, second or third. These simple wagers form the basis of many other bets. As you develop your style and confidence you may want to explore the wide range of exotic bets open to you, such as Exactas, Trifectas and Quadrellas, or may branch into running series of wagers across different events at the same time with multi bets like Trebles, Doubles and Parlays. You should also keep your eyes open for special bets offered on specific races as these can be very lucrative.

Use all Available Statistics and Other Data

Gathering as many facts as possible is always a good idea when you are making important decisions, and you will have no trouble finding statistics on horse races. Try to find out all you can about winning and losing streaks and win/loss percentages, and take note of anything else you learn. Make sure you consider the jockey as well, because they work with the horses as a unit.

Online Check for Horse Racing Tips

Armed with all the information you have found, you can check for horse racing tips online, such as the health of a horse or the condition of the track. Choose sites that have favourable comments and a lot of traffic, and when you first start using a site make smaller wagers. IF they are successful, you can start horse betting more. As you punt more, you will also get a feel for different situations and will be able to apply tips with confidence.

Weigh Your Betting Odds in South Africa

Your last consideration should be the odds you are facing. You may be sure of a favourite, but this does not guarantee you large rewards. Betting on a long shot that actually comes first is always fantastic, so if you come across any racing tips that suggest favouring an underdog you should consider them seriously. If they are trustworthy you could end up with a huge windfall.

Keep Practicing

As you bet and win more, you will develop your own style and tactics more. The best thing to do is to keep visiting the South African mobile betting sites we review here, and the online forums that will give you horse racing tips, and keep wagering. Practice makes perfect, and the time you invest will be well-rewarded.