Mobile Totes SA

As modern technology keeps evolving, more and more bettors are reaping the benefits of mobile wagering. All mobile South African sports betting can be very lucrative, but one of the most popular and well-established areas is horse race betting. A very diverse range of bets is available, so everyone is catered to. Choosing the most beneficial wager in any situation can really boost your winnings, and one of the best skills a wireless bettor can learn is how to choose the best mobile totes.

What is a Tote?

Totes are also called Pari-Mutuel Bets or Pool Bets, and as these names suggest they involve bringing all the wagers that punters have placed on one race-s outcome together. Once the event is over, payouts are made according to its final odds. Because these are determined by how many bets are in the pool, they change right up until wagering is closed and help to keep your punting experiences exciting. With the bets all being combined, a long shot will pay out more than a sure thing because less people are backing the horse. If you are quite sure of a horse that is not a favourite, such long shots can be some of the best mobile totes you place.

Different Types of Mobile Totes in SA

As you spend more time at the great mobile South African bookmakers that we review and bet more and more, you will come to know which bets, totes included, work with your wagering style. To get you going we have described the most well-known and best mobile Totes here for you.

Firstly, the most straightforward bets of Win and Place wagers are a great place for novices to begin. In a Win bet you simple predict who will come first, and in a Place bet who will come second or third. The two are combined in an Each Way bet, where you are paid out in full if your pick comes first and in part if it comes second or third. Trifecta and Exacta bets are slightly more complicated, and you must predict the first three or two finishers in the right order.

There is a range of Pot bets which can also be very rewarding. In a Quadpot bet you must select horses to place in the third to sixth spot in four of the races in a day, and in a Placepot you do the same for six races. The selection for a Jackpot works in the same way, but all your picks must come first so it is very difficult. However, Jackpot rewards are also substantial and we recommend always placing a small Jackpot Tote as this can still be very generous while carrying less risk than a larger bet.

As you feel more confident, you can also explore more exotic totes, such as the Scoop 6 which is a variation of the Placepot and Jackpot where you have to name each winner of each race in one day, and many others. No matter where you are in your punting adventures, the best mobile totes for you will keep things thrilling.

Start Betting with the Best Mobile Totes

The more time you put into betting, the more you will get out. Read our reviews and guidelines and start exploring the best mobile totes today. All of South Africa’s best mobile betting action is waiting for you right here, so if you have an iPhone, iPad, Android or Blackberry now is the time to wager on the go.