Free Betting SA

Mobile betting in South Africa is improving all the time, and all of the sites we review here are top-quality. One of the ways that the different sites compete for your valuable business is with free bets. These are awarded in different ways, and can really help to maximise your betting and your winning. In fact, there are so many free wagers available that not taking advantage of them borders on wastefulness. To get the most from these promotions, read our guidelines below.

Free Bets Categories

A wide range of free betting apps is available, and may be offered as part of a Sign-up Bonus or as part of other promotions – being rewarded with Match or Percentage Deposits, where the full amount of your deposit or a portion of it is returned to you, basically translates into more free punts. These are fantastic because you don’t have to risk any of your own hard-earned cash, so you can explore new markets or betting types without worry. These change regularly, and may even include Bonuses for using your mobile device, so make sure you check them frequently.

Things to be Considered before using Free Bets

Free bets are ultimately used to tempt you to patronise one mobile betting over another, and then spend money at the site, so you should always expect a few strings to be attached and should check these thoroughly before agreeing to anything. For example, sometimes the conditions for money withdrawals mean you have to bet more before accessing your funds, and this may be a problem for you. You should also take the time to check the betting markets that are stipulated. Because free bets can be used to steer bettors towards less-beneficial waters make sure you stay aware and prudent to maximise your reward and minimise your risk.

Free Bets Bonus

The more time you spend punting and playing, the more you will know how to wager in a way that works for you and will be able to use your free mobile bets to astutely maximise your wins. To get you started we have outlined two ways to use your free punts here.

Firstly, you could register with several mobile South African bookmakers at once, and then use your Sign-up Bonus bets to put money down on all the possible outcomes of an event. Without using any greenbacks of your own, you are guaranteed a payout. When using this strategy, the best options are Any Which Way but Lost and the evenly-matched bets. These offer such huge returns that wagering on them in this way is totally irresistible.

Your second option is to register at different sites that simply offer sign-up bonuses to be used on anything you like and then holding onto these for a while rather than spending them right away. Use them on the first bet where you also use your own money, and then place two wagers. Because one bet is free, your chance of taking home clear profit is increased.

Some Tips

Clever use of free bets can elevate your wins from decent to spectacular, but you need to stay on your toes. Avoid offers that seem too good to be true and do your research before agreeing to anything. Take your time and then reap the rewards at the top mobile South African betting sites.