J&B Met Betting

One of South Africa’s premier social, fashion and horse-racing events, the J & B Met is run annually at the prestigious Kenilworth Racecourse in Cape Town. This revered venue alone generates huge publicity for the occasion, as it is also an important nature reserve and a protected home to several endangered plants and certain rare frogs. Accompanied by a city-wide party at the end of January each year, the J&B Met has been one of the big three horseracing ‘majors’ on the South African calendar since the 1960’s. Together with the Durban July and the Summer Cup, the J&B Met is an internationally recognised sporting showcase, haute couture exhibition and noteworthy tourist attraction.

The J&B Met Betting with Secure Sportsbooks

As an experience, this is an enchanting horserace, providing a colourful and significant test of the nations’ finest thoroughbreds over a 2000 metre course for prize money of 2.5 million Rand. It is also a proper test of the South African bettors’ ability to pick a winning horse; a challenge they accept every year with gusto!

South Africans are never shy of a good wager, and the country boasts an innovative and vibrant sports betting industry, with opportunities to place a wager on all different sports readily available. The publicity of huge, popular and widely bet upon occasions such as the J&B Met, with the glitz and glamour of the whole horseracing fraternity fuelling it, plus the availability of high-tech, secure online sports books, it becomes clear why such huge amounts are wagered annually, and why the informed mobile sports book aficionado could easily win a fortune.

The J&B Met Betting on Mobile

The J&B Met is a socially diverse and enthralling day’s event with multiple races, plenty of jackpots and rich purses, literally a thrill a minute. And, the easiest way of joining in on the action is to simply reach for your mobile device and head off to one of the top-class sports books just waiting to help.

Mobile bettors are equipped with all the resources required for producing the big wins. They are able to follow and study the top horses, racing conditions and jockeys, even tracking down the bookmaker with the best odds. The range of bets available is remarkable, with sports books going all out to make the art of the wager a spectacle and opportunity to behold. Bets range from the obvious prediction on the win, placement, or trifecta involving the horses, but will also include diverse and lucrative options such as doubles and trebles, many horses and many races, and there are even some specific and novel betting options to look out for.

The J&B Met Betting Tips

With these many betting options, thrilling horse race betting and all out action, even the pro bettors may need to be reminded of a couple of the safest betting ground rules. Focus on logic more than emotion, as the best looking horse is not necessarily the quickest. Mobile betting also offers the best in J&B Met options as the odds shift and change from bookie to bookie and sometimes the hunt is worth it. On top of this, since the event is such an extravagant national party, greater odds will be available at the most popular mobile sports books, so here is the chance to get with the program and score the deserved rewards.