Cycling Betting SA

It is widely accepted that the first ever bicycle race was a 1,200 meter rush through Parc de Saint-Cloud in Paris. The International Cycling Association was formed in 1892, marking the beginning of the huge community of bettors in cycling. In 1900 when it was replaced by the Union Cycliste Internationale due to a row, the sport was already becoming widely popularized.

Cycling Races Types in South Africa

Cycling has been a primary source of transport in some places for years and years. It is also largely accepted as one of the best ways to get fit around the world. But more than that, it is also one of the most grueling and tiring competitive sports around. There are many types of cycling races and competition. To name a few;

  • Road cycling, involving team and individual races ad covering a broad spectrum of races, this refers to circuit races with set times, time trial races and grand tour races such as the Tour de France and the Giro d’Italia.
  • Track cycling, referring to races taking place in set velodromes. Such as those held at the Olympic Games.
  • Mountain biking, which basically encompasses off road cycling, such as cross country races.

As you can see there is an extremely wide variety of races to choose from, making this a perfect mobile betting sport, with such high variety.

Sportsbooks for Cycling Betting

With such a huge variety of race types to choose from, mobile bettors are spoilt for choice in this field. This is a very popular betting activity too, gathering very vast crowds during big events such as the Tour de France and the Olympic games. Such a popular sport only means there will be more people betting, which means there will be huge purses of money built up on big races, allowing South Africans the opportunity to win big. With mobile betting you can wager on the go and take advantage of the top South African sports betting guide that are optimised for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry.

South Africa is a very active sporting country, so online betting is perfect for residents. Some very talented cyclists are from South Africa. And as a bettor you could easily capitalize lucratively in this field. You just need to know the cyclists, the races and have a bit of luck, and you can make this a winning and very rewarding pass time.

Win in Cycling Betting

Are you a sports fan? Do you love the intense grueling competition of cycling? Or maybe you just want to get into the online wagering game and want the perfect sport to start with? Then cycling betting is perfect for you. The popularity is constantly growing. People from all over the world have joined in for the excitement of the competition and the chance to win huge.

Thanks to the internet it is not only possible to place wagers of your choosing, but extremely convenient. People everywhere are taking full advantage of the internet to fuel their passions of cycling and wagering. And as a South African, you can join them in this. We bring you the best mobile cycling betting in SA and if you choose one of our top rated bookmakers you could win big on the go!