Mobile Golf Betting

The modern game of golf which we know today, came from 15th century Scotland, however the game has origins from much before that. While not certain, it likely came from an ancient Roman game called paganica, in which participants used a curved stick to hit a small leather ball. This would have then spread through Europe as Rome conquered most of the continent around first century BC. This is not certain however, as many theories have been put forward to explain the origins of the popular sport.

Golf Betting in South Africa

Golf is present in every country worldwide. South Africa is no exception. Some really great golfers come from South Africa. And so there are many people within the country who take part in golf betting. With a thriving community such as this one, it only means bigger payouts to the winners. Taking full advantage of the four majors is recommended. These are; The Masters Tournament, held in April, The US Open held in June, the Open Championship, held in July, and the PGA championship, held in August. With all the golf tournaments held every year, there is countless opportunity to win big. And it can all be done from your iPhone, android or other mobile device.

Golf Betting Variety

There are many aspects of the golf game that can be bet on. Some of these are;

  • Tournament winner bets: This is the most popular bet. Simply betting on the winner of a specific tournament, Masters or otherwise. The odds can vary greatly from site to site, so be careful.
  • 3 Ball bets: At the beginning of a tournament, when players are split into groups of 3, punters can bet on which of the three in a group will have the best game for a specific day.
  • Head to head bets: Basically betting on who you think will have a better finish between two players going head to head. Can be done for single 18 hole rounds, or full 72 hole tournaments.
  • Future bets: This is betting on whom you think will be ranked number 1 at the end of the season, or who will win the four Majors. Most players have rather low odds.
  • Prop bets: These are pretty much any bet which doesn’t fit into the previous categories. How many tournaments a player will win in a year (Majors or not), who between 2 players will end on a higher ranking, will whichever player score an eagle in whichever tournament, and so on.

Enjoy Golf Betting on your Mobile

Are you a golfing enthusiast? Or maybe you just want to take advantage of the hugeness of this sport? Mobile golf betting may just be for you. By knowing the players and the courses, as well as having a decent amount of luck, you can easily capitalize on this undeniably huge sport.

Many bettors using app betting both in South Africa and around the world have taken advantage of the hugeness and the variety of this sport, and now you can join them by accessing the top rated mobile betting we recommend here.