Cricket Betting SA

The ultimate gentleman’s sport can be traced back to around the 16th century. A sport known as creag has been speculated to be a form of cricket, played by Prince Edward. There have been many claims as to the origin, but the most certain of which comes from a 1598 court case which referenced “creckett” being a game that a man named John Derrick played whilst a scholar at the Free School at Guildford fifty years earlier.

Originally a children’s game, around 1610 it was taken up by adults, and inter-parish or village cricket occurred soon after. It started to rapidly spread in the 17th century and by the 18th century it was the national sport of England. During this time it developed into the sport loved by many today. This development was heavily aided by the fact that betting was so popular in the sport.

South Africa and Cricket

It is no secret that cricket is incredibly popular in South Africa. In fact it is quite possibly the sport which the country is most renowned for. Presently South Africa are ranked amongst the first in the world among test nations. The country has produced greats such as Jacques Kallis, who in 2013 became the only cricketer in history to obtain more than 11,000 runs and 250 wickets in both the one day and test versions of the game. So it must come as no surprise that there is a very active wagering community in South Africa and that mobile betting is becoming increasingly popular use our sports betting guide to get you started today.

Cricket Betting Aspects

Cricket is a very popular betting sport for many reasons. Not the least of which being the fact that absolutely anything can happen. It may be a team sport, but it is still very much down to the individual players. Also betting can be done on practically any aspect of the game, from the winning team, to the highest scorer, to the highest score, to the best bowler, and many, many in between. With so many people placing wagers, it only means larger payout for those who win.  And with some knowledge on the teams and players, as well as a little luck, you could be one of those winners. Online and now mobile betting has encouraged wagers on this game and with South Africans now able to bet on their iPhone, Android or BlackBerry there sport is followed even more closely.

Cricket Betting on your Mobile

Are you a cricket lover who wants to get more out of your passion? Do the endless possibilities and ever changing environment of the sport speak to you? Or maybe you’re a bettor looking for another lucrative area? Well mobile cricket betting is perfect for you.  Not only is it a great pass time, but also could be very lucrative and you can bet anywhere and at any time.

Start Mobile Cricket Betting

The sport being as perfect for betting as it is, there will always be people taking advantage of the massive mobile wagering world to get into cricket. And there are few places better for it than South Africa, where it is one of the most popular and beloved sports nationwide. Cricket enthusiasts everywhere are getting in on the mobile action, and now you can too.