Queen’s Plate Betting

It’s down to the races for a jam packed day of horse racing, betting and all out action. South Africa’s premium horse racing event, the Queen’s Plate, brings with it a massive purse and plenty of betting opportunity for the mobile bettors of South Africa. So whether the action is enjoyed live at the event or via one of the great online sportsbooks here, bettors will find a way to enjoy all the horse racing it entails and so too the winning potential. An all-consuming day for one and all, including live entertainment, fashion frenzies and a great social environment. So join in on South Africa’s big race day, and not just the horses can be winners!

The History of Queen’s Plate in South Africa

An annual horse racing event, the Queen’s Plate has been running for over 150 years, alternating between King and Queen as the monarch of Britain dictates. A much hailed and respected South African horse racing event, this day of races has been acknowledged amongst the top five great horse races around the world. With the likes of the Melbourne Cup, the Dubai world cup and the Breeders Cup mentioned in the same breath, this magnificent race day boasts an impressive international audience. This on top of its R1 million purse makes for a rather lucrative betting opportunity online or otherwise. South African bettors looking for the best horse racing around, filled with many opportunities and exciting activities, look no further than this, the Queen’s Plate.

The Best Mobile Queen’s Plate Betting Odds

Thanks to the history behind the event as well as its ever growing popularity the online sportsbooks here, catering to the day’s races, are of the highest quality and subsequently offer bettors a whole wealth of options to make the betting experience easier, safer and more lucrative for all. Thanks to the growing community most of these online sportsbooks offer betting apps and betting on variety of platforms including PC, mobile, tablet and laptop. This broad platform base means bettors can place their bets on the day’s races from most any online device. Also a wealth of bettors means a wealth of available odds so shopping the online world for the best odds can be well worthwhile. These odds can also float depending on the swing of the bets, so underdog horses can see some surprisingly lucrative odds. On the safe and secure side of things these online sportsbooks catering to the Queen’s Plate race day are extremely safe. Offering layers of high level encryptions and an online support staff to the bettors, these online portals create a safe betting environment for everyone.

Wide Selection of Queen’s Plate Betting

Mobile bettors on the horses should also develop a working knowledge of the available bets, with a variety on offer during this event. This includes the ever popular win bet, which simply predicts the winner of the race, the place bet, which allows bettors to bet on the first few of a race. The latter further couples with bets like the exacta, trifecta and quartet, which are bets on the first two, three or four horses respectively and in the correct finishing order. Bettors will find with practice the bets that reap them the most return. Queen’s Plate day’s most popular race, the 1600m or mile race, is also the most rewarding race of the day, so bettors should use the other activities and races to prepare for this specific event.

All in all, this wonderful day of races promises the mobile betting of South Africa a day of adventure, and with great winning opportunities. So wherever one finds oneself on Queen’s Plate day, get involved in the action and win big!