Rugby Betting SA

William Webb Ellis picked up a soccer ball and ran with it down the field. Players and spectators were astonished. This happened in a town called Rugby, and a momentous sport was born.

Arguably the second best team in the world over the past century, South Africa’s rugby team, the Springboks are seen as national heroes. Clad in the highly respected green and gold, these Rugby Union professionals have won the sports’ biggest showpiece, the World Cup, twice. As a country, South Africa has always regarded rugby with a reverence and fervour that at times seems to transcend that of a mere sport. A more recent format of the game, Sevens Rugby, has also become incredibly popular. This is in no small part due to the fact the national team, known as the Blitsbokke, are, like their fifteen-man counterparts, continuously vying with their nemesis, the New Zealand All Blacks for the top spot. South Africa’s perennial and epic rivalry with New Zealand continues unabated.

And now, with the advent of mobile rugby betting, a whole new level of excitement awaits. Rapidly growing in support within the field of sports wagering generally, rugby betting is making waves by the very passion of its fans. Here we go, South Africa, convert your love and knowledge of this great game into a lucrative opportunity and wager on your android, iPhone or other smartphone or tablet.

Mobile Rugby Betting for Fans in South Africa

Perhaps the fastest developing sports betting sector, mobile rugby betting, and sportsbooks generally have taken the world by storm. Offering the ardent fans of the game a chance to put their stored rugby knowledge to the test and use it for financial gain. A battle of strength and stamina, this rough game is easily seen as one of the greatest team sports around. With a team of fifteen large men pitted against another this game promises its fans an array of bone crunching tackles, heart stopping tries and otherwise a total of 80 minutes of nonstop action. Rugby betting capitalises on the entertainment spectacle the sport generates by raising the excitement and edge-of-the-seat moments to an even higher intensity.

Rugby – A Strong Sport

Rugby is straightforward in that the goals and objectives are well-defined and clear. Rugby is a sport highly regarded for its extreme physicality and the huge contest of physical strength, fitness and speed that is conducted on the field. Yet perhaps best appreciated by players and die-hard fans for being the very epitome of teamwork, the game is effectively a battle to carry an oval-shaped ball past opponents and over a line on the field. Only the fittest, fastest and bravest will survive. Its fast pace makes it hugely exciting and its ideal for mobile betting fans as they can enjoy all the action and big rewards on the go.

Mobile Rugby Betting Options

Typically the most popular mobile rugby bets placed are single match wins, but these are generally supplemented by further winning opportunities such as point spreads, the selection of overall tournament victor and any of a multitude of options available at the sports book sites listed here. There are some seriously exciting wagering options such as the performance of individual players and the selection of who the try-scorers, if any, will be. Naturally, this includes which team will score the first try, or last try, and whether conversions or drop-goals will add to the total.

Sports betting guide, and in this case rugby betting, can be extremely lucrative and bettors are well advised to conduct as much research as possible to maximise their winning potential. Knowing the history, statistics, condition and capabilities of players and coaches, coupled with intuition and knowledge of current form, are still the best available indicators.

We bring you the best mobile betting for South Africans and the chance to wager on win on the Super 12, World Cup and other exciting local and international games and tournaments are always available at your fingertips.