Horse Betting on Mobile

It has a very ancient and rich history, reaching back to ancient times. Great cultures such as the Greeks, the Egyptians, and the Babylonians dabbled in the field. It was originally intended to hone the skills of warriors on horseback. As the need for such fighters disappeared, the sport had gained enough traction to become popular even in modern day society. Many different types of horse racing formed over the years, such as; Flat racing, the most popular type whereby horses sprint from point to point on a straight or oval track; Steeplechasing, where horses jump obstacles and perform acrobatics; Harness racing, which is essentially a modern day form of charioteering; and Endurance racing, where the horses run great distances even over 150km. This modernization of the sport has kept it relevant and made it an interest for bettors around the world. Nowadays holding as much as a 115 billion USD market share (as of 2008).

Variety of Horse Betting

The is a truly massive variety of horse betting out there, so even when races include different standards for horses, jockeys or otherwise, bettors can be sure that the options to bet will remain constant and most importantly plentiful. With the choices ranging from betting on just the winner of the race, to the runners up, the order of the finishers and even the trifecta, places one, two and three, bettors can find the risk to reward ratio that fits the best for them, and then capitalise greatly on it.

Horse Betting for South Africans

Horse racing is a huge sport for mobile bettors. This means that worldwide there are great opportunities to wager on the horse races. South Africa is no exception. With online being as massive as it is for the horse betting community and mobile betting becoming hugely popular, it means that bettors around the world can all join in. With huge events constantly happening such as the Melbourne Cup in Australia and the Kentucky Derby in America, the opportunities are always available. And by knowing all the horses, the jockeys and the tracks, as well as having a bit of luck on your side, this can be one of the most lucrative pass times possible.

Horse Betting to Win Big

Are you a horse enthusiast? Does the thought of the thrills and nail biting action excite you? Or maybe you’re just looking to get in on the biggest betting sport available? Then horse betting is right for you. With so many people everywhere taking full advantage of the perfect betting setup of the sport, there is always a ripe chance to win big. Bigger community means bigger payouts, and online and on your mobile is where you will find the biggest community possible.

There is a great reason why horse races are some of the most popular betting opportunities, and it’s the community. With so many people, it’s the greatest chance possible that for bettors. All over the world people are using this to their advantage, and now you can too. Access mobi sites using your smartphone or tablet or download an betting app now to get in on the best South African horse betting action.